3-Day Course in Quality of Life, Holistic Health and Spontaneous Life Management

9th –11th Sept 2011; Ockham, nr. Guildford, UK. (350£/400EURO/3400DKR) The course is taught in English

Can you be truly happy? Of course you can. All it takes is a fair amount of insight into yourself. You need to understand your ego and your own divine nature in your human core; and need to use all you are wisely and in loving service of others. When you are happy you can love and when you can love others you can help them to heal their life.Consciousness is the key to personal freedom, beautiful and effortless being, a healthy body and mind, emotional intelligence, the gift of unconditional love and an unbound, happy one-to-one relationship. Understanding your life includes a deep seeing into the identification with body and mind, and this will free all aspects of you, from mind to sexuality.Profound self-insight allows you to understand your role in the world and to engage all your personal resources and talents of body, mind, spirit and heart in your living. Your life will spontaneously self-organize as you become an integral part of the universe and tab into the many intelligences of the healthy, awakened human being.

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